SyncGlobal Telecom's service portfolio is the result of over ten years of organic growth unhindered by bureaucracy, technology limitations, or investor demands. Our commitment to a facilities ownership model has provided the flexibility to let customer needs drive product and service development, the freedom to continually reinvest in a world-class network infrastructure, and the ability to focus operational efforts on making complex technologies and processes easy for every customer.

  • Voice Services
  • Data Transport
  • Internet
  • Data Center Services


Hear from a customer :

University of West Georgia, a Board Of Regents institution with nearly 12,000 students and almost 4,000 faculty and staff, has received telecommunications services from SyncGlobal for the past seven years. I have personally worked with many contractors, vendors, engineers, and architects in my career at UWG, and as an engineer myself am very seldom completely satisfied and impressed by a company’s services 100% of the time. SyncGlobal, so far, has been the one outlier in that norm; I have been 100% satisfied with their services 100% of the time. SyncGlobal has served our university with an integrity level that is very hard to find. They keep an ever-vigilant eye on our various telecom needs and always conduct business in a courteous and pleasant manner. I’d recommend SyncGlobal to anyone in need of their kind of services.

Keihan Nahri, ME, MSMOT
Manager, Telecommunications
University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA